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My team and I bring over a decade of residential mortgage lending experience to CrossCountry Mortgage. Having had thrived in the mortgage and real estate business through various economic cycles, we have the expert knowledge to grow and succeed in any lending landscape.

My focus has always been oriented around understanding and exceeding the expectations of our clients and referral partners. Our philosophy is to listen to my customers needs, and respond to those needs efficiently and effectively. I approach each client's situation with a unique, personalized approach, and when it comes to getting the right loan at the right deal for our client, we will do whatever it takes. Many banks can get you into a home loan; our goal is to get you into the right loan. With my expert experience and an extensive lender network, we will find the best possible solution for my client’s individual needs. My ability to look beyond the numbers towards the bigger picture allows us to secure often hard-to-find financing for unique property types, self-employed, complex, and foreign-national borrowers.

We do it all, from city skylines, to the suburbs, to vacation homes and even to villas abroad. I am dedicated to building long-term relationships as the go-to mortgage lender for my clients and I will be there for my clients through their various home-financing needs at different points of their lives. Ten plus years of continuous repeat business through happy client referrals and our real estate agent network is a true testament of our commitment to excellence!

About Shaye Lastra

With over ten years of expertise and more than forty homes traded per year, Shaye Lastra is a proven producer in Hudson County’s residential real estate market. Driven by family and an unwavering dedication to service, Shaye creates success through transparency, goal setting, and realistic expectations.

Shaye takes great pride in providing client services that are “above and beyond.” In a competitive real estate market, where most agents lack a customer service orientation and aren’t acutely trained to handle clients’ assets, Shaye continually dedicates herself to honing these overlooked skills. With a strong understanding of the current environment and a lifelong training in customer service, Shaye’s clients will enjoy clear goals, exclusive buyer consultations, and the sense of comfort necessary when purchasing a home.

I strive to remove all questions, doubts, and fears by laying out all the information a client needs for peace of mind.

While Shaye enjoys running her own business and being in control of the services she provides, she finds equal importance in assembling a strong team where each player is an important component. For her, Pure Properties exemplifies this ideal; a company she believes is “taking huge steps forward in the real estate industry.” Whether you’re moving within New Jersey, from New York to New Jersey, or from across the country, Shaye possesses the skills necessary to provide you with a personally customized plan to find your next home at the perfect price

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