Love For Hoboken And Jersey City

Dated: October 26 2020

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It’s no secret:

We love Hoboken and Jersey City. 

We live here, work here, and help people buy, sell, and rent here. 

While many residents share our same affection for the local area, we know others have considered the cities a crashing pad: a place to sleep at night, with most of their time spent in New York City. 

This year, much of that has changed. A recent New York Times article details how residents of Hoboken and Jersey City are adapting. Keep reading for some of the highlights!

Unofficial Sixth Boroughs 

Hoboken and Jersey City are often called the sixth borough of New York City. A quick commute to Manhattan has allowed people easy access to NYC for years. 

Back in February, there were more than 68,000 Jersey City and Hoboken residents taking the PATH train five days a week, according to Port Authority NY NJ, with more people commuting by ferry or bus. Compare that to August, when only 8,300 people were commuting on the PATH train on weekdays. This means many Hoboken and Jersey City residents are spending more time in their hometowns.

More Foot Traffic

With the warm weather in summer and early fall, outdoor spaces are full of life. From lounging in area parks, to outdoor fitness classes, to expanded outdoor dining, residents are taking advantage of all these cities have to offer. 

With more people out and about during the week, local businesses have seen a shift, now that many are reopen. Bookstores and farm markets alike have seen an increase in foot traffic and sales. 

Helping Out Locally

In addition to more people finding local businesses to support, there has also been increased interest in local volunteering opportunities. Many residents have reached out to help others in their communities, especially those facing food insecurity right now. Hoboken Mayo Ravinder S. Bhalla, said, “There has been a tremendous outpouring of people who want to help.” 

While some residents have moved on in search of more space, many are exploring Hoboken and Jersey City with a new perspective. We’d love to know - what have you rediscovered about your city this year?

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